This Scientific Advertising Strategy Takes Business Owners From Ads That Cost Too Much... To MORE Leads and MORE Buyers With Less Ad Spend

Why "Facebook Ads Don't Work"

You’ve started another campaign, gotten your message dialed in, new audiences that should be perfect, and you let it rip.

But nothing really happens with it.

Yeah, you get clicks and maybe some conversions, but not nearly enough to make the campaign exciting, much less profitable.

Maybe you’ve hired an agency to do it for you. They sold you on how amazing they are with Facebook and how big of an opportunity it is and how everyone is using it.

But, again, nothing to speak of.

They tell you that “the algorithm needs time to learn” or “the pixel needs time to season”... *eyes rolling*  🙄... and maybe that’s true to an extent, but it won’t create miracles from ads that aren’t built right in the first place.

You try over and over again, spending more and more, just thinking that the next one will work, but when you refresh the Ads Manager, the numbers only disappoint.

The Facebook ads platform is impressive technology, yes, but although it can work wonders when it comes to finding people with certain habits and interests - or finding lookalikes of more people that you want - that’s only part of the solution.

If you're not saying the right thing to those people and hitting the right buttons, you won’t have the desired result that you’re looking for.

No matter how good Facebook’s algorithm is.

It’s kind of like trying to make a musician famous when their music just doesn’t move people. You could put them in front of packed stadiums and concert halls, but if the music stinks, no one is going to buy the album later.

And they end up just losing money.

How To Fix Them

When creating successful ads, you need to find that perfect message to match the market you’re selling to.

Of course, that’s easier said than done when you don’t have a team of ‘Mad Men’ behind you to constantly churn out copy to test.

What you need is a consistent and systematic way to find those emotional ‘hot buttons’ that cause people to take action…

...without spending a ton of money trying to figure it out.

And that’s exactly what I’ve figured out with my 3-step Scientific Advertising strategy.

A consistent, systematic process that takes advantage of Facebook’s incredible resource of data and finds my clients the best possible ads every single time.

With ZERO uncertainty.

Hi, I'm Chuck... You saw me on Upwork

I used to be the “Tech Guy” for an online advertising agency.

Being the nerdy analytical guy I am, I always gravitated towards the things that were black and white…

...they either worked, or they didn’t.

Creating a website people could visit, email follow up after someone opts in, upsells after someone makes a purchase.

If it could be answered with a yes or no, then it was right up my alley.

If I saw a new way that others were successfully doing things, I’d research and figure out how to do it for our clients.

What I noticed, though, is that we would create these amazing campaigns for our clients. Campaigns that would make any marketer drool.

And, even though we’d set up the same systems and processes for every client, the results were not always the same.

When it came time for me to set up the ads and turn them on...

Some of them would have massive success, while others would simply fall flat on their face.

I didn’t understand why. But I had to figure it out.

So I did some digging and found out there’s WAY more to marketing than Autoresponders, Website Code, and the technical setup of ads.

The most crucial thing in any advertising campaign is the message.

Literally, the words I was copying and pasting into the Ads Manager, without any thought, was going to make or break the campaign. And I didn't even know it.

In fact, all of that other “cool” stuff I was doing was completely useless without a strong message in front of it.

It’s not about the physical buttons you press to create a funnel or set up some Facebook ads…’s about the emotional ‘buttons’ you’re hitting with your prospects.

And that’s where a lot of marketers go wrong. They just stop at the setup and don’t figure out what their market actually wants and responds to.

So I decided to figure out how to do that as well.

I devoured everything from the current marketing giants to copywriting 'gods' from the 50s and 60s.

And, while I’m not a copywriting expert in the least...

...(actually, I don’t consider myself a copywriter at all)...

I’ve been able to take everything I’ve learned and put it into my very own 3-step process that dependably filters out the stuff that doesn’t work and wastes ad spend...

...and finds winning messages to get more leads and more buyers, consistently, like clockwork.

I call it Scientific Advertising 2.0

It’s a *nod* to one of the most popular advertising books of all time, written almost 100 years ago in 1923, called Scientific Advertising.

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

So, How Does It Work?

I’ve framed what I do into a process that has three core phases:

  • Phase 1: Roadmap Formulation - Business Scan
  • Phase 2: Campaign Innovation - [Response Matrix] + [Scalable Creative]
  • Phase 3: Algorithm Alliance - [ Lookalike Cultivation ] + [ Hot Market Targeting ]

Phase 1: Roadmap Formulation

The goal here is to create a direct path to a profitable campaign over the next 90 days.

“An ad-writer, to have a chance at success, must gain full information on his subject. The library of an ad agency should have books on every line that calls for research. A painstaking advertising man will often read for weeks on some problem which comes up.”

-- Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

Knowing your prospects better than they know themselves is the gateway to a winning campaign.

When I was the ‘tech guy’ at the agency I worked at, this was something I didn’t fully understand at the time.

And, unfortunately, this is where most marketers still miss the mark and continue to get their clients results that they’re not happy with.

It starts with an onboarding call, where I ask a list of questions that are designed to get everything I need out of you.

Everything from your ideal client, your top competitors, your product, your story, and what makes you unique.

From there, I research everything we spoke about on the call to make sure we have all of the information we need to start testing a successful campaign.

Financial Advisor Leads

Here is a client that needed high-quality, affluent leads for their Financial Advisors. They will normally pay upwards of $200 per lead. And those would typically be purchased leads through another source. These are already warmed to our client.

Phase 2: Campaign Innovation

This is where it starts to get exciting.

Where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. This is where we take all of the research from Phase 1 and start the actual execution of the Roadmap.

We start with the Response Matrix.

Even though we’ve done diligent research on what we think the market wants, we aren’t going to leave anything to chance.

This is where we introduce science to the art of copy.

The Response Matrix is a testing process to find the optimal pains, challenges and desires of your prospects that make them respond the way we want them to.

“Now we let the thousands decide what the millions will do. We make a small venture, and watch cost and result.”

-- Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

This process allows us to test virtually hundreds of versions of ads with minimal ad spend.

By focusing on the right elements, we can figure out what works very quickly and very efficiently.

We’re finding those emotional hot-buttons that prospects respond to by testing, instead of just guessing and running with it.

Then we move on to Scalable Creative.

Once we have the optimal data from the Response Matrix, we can now focus on scaling the winning ad copy with new images, hooks, videos, etc.

We will also start diving deep into finding more audiences and bigger pools of people to pull from.

This is where we start introducing Social Media specific copy. Remember that your prospects are on Facebook engaging with friends and family. So you don’t want to come aggressively barreling in and leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

Think more like ‘speaking to a group of people at a party’ versus ‘screaming at them 1-on-1 in an annoying infomercial.’

Skincare Leads

Here is a new client who owns a skincare company that we started this testing process with. Bringing in leads for less than $1. Joining a Facebook Group and providing their email for a lead magnet. And, yes, this campaign is from 2020.

Phase 3: Algorithm Alliance

Once we have all of the optimal pieces from the previous phase, we can start to take advantage of Facebook’s enormous amount of data it has on its users.

Whether you like it or not, this really makes our jobs as marketers easier.

Which is probably why most marketers start here.

(and some stay here)

They'll talk about “seasoning the pixel” and “building Lookalike audiences” before figuring out the stuff that really matters.

These are tools for optimizing and expanding, not for using as a crutch.

This is also the part that will really help us get campaigns making some real money.

“The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales.”

-- Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

That’s the goal, right? To make sales.

Now that we have the right data coming in, we can focus on Lookalike Cultivation.

This is taking everything we did in Campaign Innovation, but leveraging the algorithm in such a way that all of this becomes a bit of a feedback loop.

Where we start to get a reduced spend that goes further in terms of ROI and creates better buyers.

And, because we’re feeding it with the right kind of people, we will get better results coming out. 

Programmers have a term they like to use called “GIGO,” which stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Meaning the quality of information coming out cannot be better than the quality of information that went in.

As fancy as Facebook’s algorithm is, it’s still a program at the end of the day, so we need to treat it like one. So we feed it with the right type of data.

Alongside the Lookalikes, we’ll also work on Hot Market Targeting.

This is not just retargeting people that visited your landing page. This is a segment (or segments) of your market that is specifically unique to your campaign and varies wildly from business to business, depending on how the offer (or offers) is structured.

We will find the prospects that are engaging with your business at key points and make sure we are always keeping your ads in front of them and use smart targeting based on where they are in the buying process.

And bring them to the goal faster and more efficiently.

Info Product Front End ROAS

Here is a client who was barely breaking even before I came on. This is a mid-range priced front-end product, straight from a webinar that feeds buyers into $10k to $20k+ coaching programs. And this is just the front end data.

What Some Clients Say About Me

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Let Me Help You...

What I’d like to offer you is a free 45-minute Strategy Session.

On this call, we’ll go over you, your business, and, most importantly, your offer that you’re running.

We’ll start with what you’re experiencing in your marketing and what you think may be the cause.

Then you’ll give me an overview of how your business works and how a buyer generally moves from not knowing you, to buying, to becoming a raving fan of yours.

Then we go over the actual numbers from your current campaign:

  • CTRs

  • Conversion Rates

  • Ad Copy & Creative

  • Campaign Flow

  • Offer Messaging

We’ll figure out which Phase you're having problems with…

  • Phase 1: Roadmap Formulation - Business Scan
  • Phase 2: Campaign Innovation - [Response Matrix] + [Scalable Creative]
  • Phase 3: Algorithm Alliance - [ Lookalike Cultivation ] + [ Hot Market Targeting ]

...and come up with ways that I think your campaign can be fixed.

Of course, you could continue to be less-than-satisfied with your ad performance.

You could continue to spend hours and hours trying to figure it out for yourself…

You could continue to have your marketing company blow smoke up your ‘you know what’ giving you lines like “the pixel just needs more time”...

...or you can Schedule a Call with me and figure out the problem once and for all.

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