"Receive The ‘Keys To The Kingdom’ On How To Exploit This Slightly Creepy, But Powerful System (that The Washington Post suspects helped elect a US President) to bring in as much as 37+ New Leads Into Your Business and 1 to 2 New, Pre-Booked Sales Calls Every Single Day"

"Receive The ‘Keys To The Kingdom’ On How To Exploit This Slightly Creepy, But Powerful System (that The Washington Post suspects helped elect a US President) to bring in as much as 37+ New Leads Into Your Business and 1 to 2 New, Pre-Booked Sales Calls Every Single Day"

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how you can harness the power of, arguably, the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm today - that even The Washington Post and Associated press suspects helped Donald Trump win an election - to create profitable ads practically every single time you publish them, then I implore you to read this page carefully.

Here’s the thing:

I’ve created a monthly digital newsletter called:

“Ad Schema Monthly”

But it’s NOT for everyone.

Here's why:

Hates using Facebook, hasn't posted on his personal profile since 2019, yet still manages to keep clients for years, not months, using his 'no-frills' approach to advertising.

“Ad Schema Monthly” is a digital issue (delivered directly to your mobile phone) featuring Facebook ad setup, optimization, management copywriting, funnel creation, marketing, messaging, sales, and more.

You’ll learn exactly what I’m doing in my (and my clients’) business to increase conversions and make more sales. Every single ‘issue’ will contain direction on techniques that are working for us right now and that you can potentially…

Implement Into Your Business

And Start Multiplying Your Results

Within Minutes Of Going Through Them


You’ll also get a few bonuses as well.

The first of which is my Facebook course…

“80/20 Ad Schema”

This course is regularly listed at $247 dollars and is responsible for bringing dozens of people up to speed on running effective Facebook ads. Even when they had no prior experience.

This alone is worth over 1 year of subscribing.

It will also give you a foundation on how I plan, think about, structure, manage, and optimize ads. Everyone has a different way of doing things. But I believe that the way I teach in this course is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to run ads that convert.

Even if you’ve never run ads before.

Some of what you’ll learn inside include:

  • Why I NEVER trust Facebook to test an audience properly (and why I sometimes use more redundancy than a commercial airliner to make sure I don’t accidentally throw away winning target audiences)
  • The "leave well enough alone" trick I use to get more longevity ads (Usually, when an ad is doing well, advertisers are excited to get ‘more’ out of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. I’ll show you how to get more out of your ads the right way without breaking what’s already working)
  • The 'Price Is Right' secret to the Facebook Ad testing (How using the same strategy that helps you win at Plinko will help you win more with your Facebook ads as well)
  • How to break down your copy into different sections to easily write longer ads that convert better (I'm not a natural writer. I used to read long copy and wonder how on earth people could come up with so much to write. After I started writing this way my problem is now figuring out what I can cut out - not add)
  • How to actually benefit from Facebook's draconian ad guidelines (Getting ads disapproved is not fun. I’ll show you how to, not only get around disapprovals, but also how it actually turns it into a positive that makes your ads more effective)
  • The absolute worst Facebook campaign you could run if you want to convert (A lot of time when I audit accounts that clients are running for themselves they’re making the same mistake. They’re running the wrong type of campaign. One in particular. I’ll show which ones to use for best results and which ones to avoid like the plague)
  • The 3 most important parts of an ad (You’ll learn what you should really be focusing on to get your ads to work the way you want. Only one of them is a ‘setting’ in Facebook and one of them isn’t in Facebook at all)
  • How to plan your copy by answering simple questions, in which when you’re done, the ads almost write themselves (When you answer these questions then writing your ad is almost like doing a ‘paint by numbers’ - the ad ends up almost writing itself)
  • How to write your ads no matter what type of offer you’re running (I actually go through different examples of different offer online and show you how to approach writing your ads in each specific case)
  • How to easily come up with multiple variations of copy without breaking a sweat (You literally can turn 6 words into 9 different ad variations, or 10 words into 25 different ad variations without even having to think about it)
  • The ‘Mad Men’ framework to write ads that your prospects can’t help but to pay attention and do as they’re told (this ‘oldie but goodie’ framework, that’s older than we are, has been so powerful to me it’s probably what I use 95%+ of the time. Not only does it suck them in to your ad - they’re almost hypnotized to accept anything you say after.)

Speaking of this ad writing framework…

I once utilized this for a brand new client who was running a ton of traffic to his webinar with barely any results. He was barely breaking even on the front-end and nobody was purchasing his higher-ticket products on the back end.

I used this exact framework to re-write his ads.

Not only did he start making a 2:1 return on the front-end. He told me the people that were purchasing now were way more qualified for his high-ticket products. This resulted in a friend of his telling me he was probably making about $250k per month from the $50k in ads. All from changing the ad copy and nothing else.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to iOS 14-Proof your account (one of the biggest things to happen recently is Apple all but removing tracking from their users. Facebook has made some changes as a result. Don’t do this and risk your ads being turned off by Facebook)
  • Demystification of the Facebook Pixel (You’ll learn what it is, what it does, and how you can set it up correctly to take advantage of this essential part of the advertising platform. Without this you may as well just not run ads at all.)
  • The brain-dead simple way to make sure your Facebook Pixel is working correctly (Like I said before, if you don’t have this working, you may as well not run ads at all. I’ll show you a simple way to verify it that’s easier than your mom “accidentally” adding 17 Yahoo! Search toolbars to her Internet Explorer browser)
  • Training Facebook to get you MORE of what you want (I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to tell Facebook to track the goals you want by using your pixel traffic.)
  • The 39 questions I ask every single time I get a new client or start a new campaign (Answering these questions take the guesswork out of writing ads, and even sales pages, and practically spits out my copy on the other end)
  • Go from Technophobe to Technopheliac (If you’ve ever been stumped by the tech, wondering what you need to do to get started, then this will take away all of that frustration. You’ll learn how to properly and painlessly set up your Business Manager, Ads Account, and Facebook Page, without wasting time or effort on non-essential pieces, in less than 10 minutes.)
  • Why I’m VEHEMENTLY AGAINST using video in your ads (This goes against everything you hear, but I see it proved time and time again - especially if you’re newer to running ads, and especially if you hate making videos or getting in front of the camera at all)

I could have just stopped there and 80/20 Ad Schema would be well worth whatever I charge for it.

Because when you approach your Facebook Ads in this way you drastically reduce the time it takes you to get your campaigns live and you drastically increase the effectiveness of those ads.

Pretty sweet, huh?

And yet, when it came time to create 80/20 Ad Schema I wanted to make sure that all of the bases were covered to make your campaigns work and give you EVERYTHING you need to squeeze more ROI out of your ad spend...

While still being respectful of your time.

And I think you’re going to be really happy I did…

When you see the Deep Dive sections:

  • How to track your ads in about 3 minutes per day (doing it this way requires no paid software, nor does it fall victim to any attribution issues. Plus, it allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your ads so you know exactly what steps to take next)
  • How to get Facebook to do some of the testing ‘dirty work’ for you (a feature in the platform that everyone knows how to turn on, but seems to have no idea how to track. I’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of this to find the best possible ads for you to run. So you can squeeze more ROI out of your ad spend)
  • Perfect audience selection (Another issue that seems to stump a lot of advertisers. You’ll learn how to find so many great audiences to target your only problem will be picking which one to test first)
  • How to create audiences even with no existing pixel data (You’ll also discover how to bring your existing list of buyers, leads, or any other type of prospects you have and give Facebook a ‘kick start’ even with a brand new account)
  • One of the most profitable audience I’ve ever found across the board (you’ll learn the one audience I’ve found to work extremely well, with almost every single campaign I’ve run, and most advertiser can create this same audience with a few short days of starting a fresh account)
  • The best retargeting setup for just about any business (You’ll see exactly what remarketing audiences I set up for almost every campaign. Plus, you’ll learn exactly what to say in these ads. Which are even easier to write than the ads you’ve already written for cold traffic.)

And that's just in the 80/20 Ad Schema course.

Which, quite frankly, I may not keep here as a bonus forever. I might want to just continue selling it by itself. But you'll always have access as long as you're a subscriber.

When you subscribe today, you also get:

  • Email access to me with your questions. If I’m qualified to answer (Facebook Ads, Copy, Messaging, Funnels, Offers, Etc…), just shoot me an email with a questions and I’ll reply personally. Now, of course there are limits to this. But if you need help on something regarding your marketing, and you just want to know if something looks ok, you’ll get this personal access when you subscribe to “Ad Schema Monthly.”
  • Special discounts on my other products (You’ll receive discounts even lower than what I offer to my general email list that they’ll never even see).
  • Potential to become a Case Study - You’ll have a chance to submit yourself to have me work on your ads for you. For free. Then the results will be shared privately to other subscribers.
  • Other helpful tid-bits to improve your marketing as a whole (For instance, I’ll show how I’m using a free service to get, even shy clients who think they don’t know what to say, to create video testimonials for me, easily, within days of asking - giving me more social-proof to make the rest of my marketing even more effective)

So, if any of that looks good to you, here’s what it’ll run ya.

“Ad Schema Monthly” is $13.98 per month for inaugural subscribers.

Why $13.98? Because I strategically priced it less than a standard Netflix subscription. And everyone can afford Netflix.

Also, as an inaugural subscriber, you will get to keep that price as long as you stay subscribed, even after I increase it later on.

There are no refunds on subscriptions.

But, you are free to cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, without hassle.

You also only receive ‘issues’ of the months you are subscribed. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone otherwise.

Also, this is not for everyone.

This is a long-game play and isn’t going to make you a Facebook or marketing expert overnight.

In fact, If you’re looking for quick hacks, tricks, or secrets, you won’t find it here… This is for people who are ok with getting their hands dirty, digging into the fundamentals, and getting real results.

And if you don’t have an offer to promote, you shouldn't get this, it won’t help you in the slightest.

But, if you’re looking to get better and better over time and eliminate the overwhelm and excuses of not running ads for your business then click the Join Ad Schema Monthly button below to give it a shot.

Everything will be contained in the Ad Schema Monthly mobile app which requires (as a wise man once said): “a smart phone that is newer than when Obama was walking the halls of the White House to access this info.”

If you don’t have a phone like that - or even if that just doesn’t sound good to you at all - then you shouldn’t subscribe.

You’ll receive immediate access to 80/20 Ad Schema in the app, and you’ll receive your first ‘issue’ as soon as it’s available (after the 15th of every month).

Click the button to get started:

By clicking the "JOIN AD SCHEMA MONTHLY" button below I understand that Ad Schema Monthly is $13.98 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every month afterwards unless I cancel. Access to that month's "Issue" will be given on the 15th of that month. I also understand there are no refunds on the subscription, but that I can cancel any time via the email or phone number at the bottom of this page.

See you there,

Chuck Sharpsteen

“…invaluable to increasing our productivity in our business. He always has our ads up and running quickly, without us having to wait weeks at a time.”

— Brett K.
Best-Selling Author

“Top level expertise combined with the fact that he’s super easy to work with and very honest made for a great experience. Could not give a higher recommendation.”

— Rudy S.
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“Chuck really knows his stuff and has a very strong understanding of Facebook ads. We are very excited to be working with him.”

— Gabe R.
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“Chuck is your guy if you need a Facebook Advertising Expert. He is a straight talker who knows his stuff and will go above and beyond to deliver on his promises. I can’t thank him enough.”

— Phil
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“I am pretty fb savvy and thought I knew how to run ads but after seeing what he has done in a few hours would have taken me weeks.”

— Sophia C.
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“Awesome information on Facebook ads. Chuck ended up auditing our ads on Facebook and our entire funnel and gave us great information to move forward with. Highly recommended.”

— Brian K.
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“I am really impressed by his ability to understand our offer and run with the rest of the process on his own, with no hand-holding.”

— Ethan K.
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“He is a guru when it comes to Facebook ads.”

— Season B.
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“Chuck has an excellent system for improving one’s sales funnel and ads that are very methodical and make intuitive and logical suggestions.”

— David H.
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By clicking the "JOIN AD SCHEMA MONTHLY" button below I understand that Ad Schema Monthly is $13.98 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every month afterwards unless I cancel. Access to that month's "Issue" will be given on the 15th of that month. I also understand there are no refunds on the subscription, but that I can cancel any time via the email or phone number at the bottom of this page.


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