Before you sign up for 80/20 Ad Schema today, realize the following:

This is a BETA release, that is still in creation.

Not all sections are available for consumption, yet - Core Sections are done - but I will be working on it daily to get input from you and get the content up.

If you lack patience, or have no desire to ask questions or bring up areas that need clarification so that I can make it a better course for yourself and everyone else... do NOT buy yet.

So what you save in money, you'll be making up for by waiting for the content to be completed (maybe a couple of weeks).

Yes, you'll save a couple-hundred dollars from investing in it now, but there will be a wait time while I personally work with some of the beta testers and optimize the training as needed.

Realize that before going in.

If that's going to be an issue for you, then do not buy.

Simply wait till later when the course is fully complete and optimized. And pick it up at full price.

If you still want in knowing that, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to acknowledge the above: